Monday, October 10, 2011

Eyes On

While those who are able to Occupy Wall Street, it is a good thing and time that Americans stand up by whats been afforded to them by the founding fathers and the established Constitution.  For the solidarity of those who have been paying attention to the rampant greed and corruption of our establishments, the majority lost much over the past few decades and it is good to see that proactive reactions are various levels of frustration.  The times of decades past has gotten complicated and ruffled with the rise of corporations and the for profiteers that have strong influence and sometimes hold on our duly elected officials.  Some are probably in bed with these entities and while it is not a nameless grouping of selfish people, over time, the mass that amassed was wealth and power.  I offer three good sites to reflect upon.

The movement known as Occupy Wall Street is best seen at:  

Another important information comes from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders where facts speak for themselves. 

A good blog with insider insight/testimonial.