Monday, January 30, 2012

A Must Share

While aware of the accusations and against whom concerning 9/11's Twin Towers and the crash into the Pentagon, this list from trutv gives a insightful look into incidents prior and after that fateful day.  It begs to question what we know and what we've been told.   It is disheartening in most matters as the connections and links that we have had to investigate as top officials may be reluctant to widely acclaim.  It erodes the foundations of this nation.

I am not a con theorist but think of the words of conspiracy, for we are not the one conspiring but those who might have done just that are openly shut and yet still so free.  It is a perversion of justice if the facts and money trail led to what the consensus may in the future concedes as truth.  What will it take?  I don't embrace the notion with 100 percent claim but the threat levels are similar to the orange red status that warned us after 9/11 as what has come about has been a considerable decline in our economy and prosperity.  On the upside, the people of this country refuse to bow to the shoveling of the ashes under the carpet as seen by the demonstrations of the 99%.  The demand for accountability is on almost everybody's mind.

The link is as it says, 23 coincidences.  Nothing more and nothing less but it says a lot and something that should remain in our consciousness as a country.  After looking at the 23 incidents, I ask myself a solemn question and it was addressed in Canada and by others.  However, knowing that others have found some serious discrepancies in the facts surrounding 9/11 is comforting.

Exam it on your own.

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