Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Draw or Not to Scrawl

The most amazing things can occur in today's day and age with the onset of technology.  From public access, the creative engines fuels the need to create, ruminate or investigate wonders of the world, the ideas keep building small communities that never existed prior to the internet or world wide web.  It goes beyond the imagination although many minds are finding time, energy and happiness in the pursuit.  One very prime example is and is an unique site not acknowledge on Wikipedia, although masses group together to be joint collaborators for visual art in the form of web graffiti.  It is often a competition or global challenge and victors show evidence of their abilities to unite as well as create.  The beauty and subversiveness of the site is that is relatively anonymous, much like real tagging or graffiti.  The everchanging Macroflash project is phenomenal.

One blogger, Crissxcross who's used the program for her artistic venture has a more concise outlook on the purpose, methods and history of the site.

Essentially its for the artistic internet geek that looks to flex some muscles and often does so in elegance.  It seems as the second drawball is able to protect some notable pieces of work more than the first one.  The concept is fantastic and the obscurity of the program and everything about it is one the last frontiers in creative expression.  As for capitalists gain, Drawball is removed from such monetary domination as it's unknown qualities attracts the clever and gifted to a virtual pen and round space.


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