Friday, November 26, 2010

The Schematic Touchscreen

We are on the outer edge of the future with the aid of technology.  The visual world has shifted beyond any scope prior to any generation. The Cannes Lions, trade show for the advertising industry exhibited the LA agency's Schematic, which a multi-touch, mult-user interface screen that recognized identification users using RFID badges.

According to Serge Jesper's site, Webkitchen:
"The massive display gives attendees instant access to the complete festival program, 3D maps of the event and surrounding area, and information on local restaurants and bars. The Touchwall also helps delegates schedule meetings with each other and trade contact information via email. The presentation layer is built with the Flex 4 framework and runs on Flash Player 10."

The concept, hopefully will bring people closer via proximity and in conjunctive collaboration by just standing next to each other and interacting in front of the giant screen.  While Hollywood has used the concept in movies like Minority Report and television shows, like CSI Miami and NCIS Los Angeles has duplicated the crafted technology for real time usage in information retrieval.  The future is here rather than at the cusp of civilization.

Everything's Big in Texas/The Cowboys Jumbotron
Guinness Book of World Records Largest Monitor:

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