Friday, December 3, 2010

Americanus Heroic in the Art of Information

In my efforts to understand culpability in the world, in my personal space and others around me, I must look again at the American government.  I am pleased to find other's whose concerns are shared.  In the interest of learning and education, one person comes to the rescue.  His name is Jess Bachman and his site is about visualization of numbers and information.  His site is title the Art of Information.  One of his visual maps was in, title Evolution of Household Budgets. One of his largest endeavors is the poster titled Death and Taxes.  He describes it as:

"Death and Taxes" is a large representational graph and poster of the federal budget. It contains over 500 programs and departments and almost every program that receives over 200 million dollars annually. The data is straight from the president's 2011 budget request and will be debated, amended, and approved by Congress to begin the fiscal year. All of the item circles are proportional in size to their funding levels for visual comparison and the percentage change from both 2010 and 2001 is included so you can spot trends.

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