Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perplexion on Alien Names other than Alien/s

Voltaire Elémens de la philosophie de Neuton (1738)
After watching Ancient Aliens, I am perplexed by human beings constantly calling “aliens” as such as well as E.T.’s, as in extraterrestrial.  So, my proposal is to rename such entities as H.I.’s, acronym for Higher Intelligence and meanwhile saying “Hello” to new beings on the outskirts of our global village.  I’d also consider Intergalactic beings (I.G.B.’s) or Celestial Entities (C.E.’s) over aliens as the etymology of alien is from the 14th century meaning “strange or foreign”. 

Our own government (who denies such space entities exist) considers others who are not U.S. citizens or naturalized citizens as aliens.  It begs to differ than why and what are we doing calling the outer space community or living forces from space as an object in a name that is exclusionary.  In the word, “extraterrestrial” it may not be as far off the mark with the word, extra and then terrestrial.  Oddly, with the review of the show Ancient Aliens, it must be said that the definition of the E.T. is extra meaning by definition is speculated from the word extraordinary.  Therefore, terrestrial from 15th century means earthly opposed to celestial and from 1590s meaning a human being, mortal

Let’s suffice it to say that we borrow a term from 1796 with Immanuel Kant’s noumenon, meaning object of intellectual intuitionKant was a transcendentalist who was a philosopher during the Enlightenment era, along with John Locke, George Berkeley and David Hume.  These men developed the science known as epistemology, which is the theory of knowledge.  In addition, the term noumenon is also considered an object or events only known to the mind, independent of the senses.  The term deals with human inquiry, understanding and cognition.  It is also simple known as the thing in itself.   

Leon Festinger explained in detail the social psychology of when we hold two conflicting ideas simultaneously, known as cognitive dissonance.  Generally associated with an uneasy feeling that is similar to when our gut instincts conflicting with our mental understanding of issues.  Festinger’s theory can be applied in a sense that we aim to move from discomfort which often results in justifying, blaming or denying such information.  In addition to the neurological effects of cognitions, the ego can also interfere, and basically one man’s truth may not be the same for another’s.  This is obvious in various world regions, intercultural differences and social context of individuals. 

The argument to stop calling aliens, as such is to help move our cognitive dissonance away from the typical picture of a modern “alien”, which may be the large eyed, big headed and unisex entity that’s often seen in various mediums.  Realistically, we do not have any other images of space, other than galaxies and other universes from a telescope.  However, new information is found, discovered and revealed within milliseconds of the thousands of light years that they might have come from.  Images of divinity have also been attributed to unexplained theories and held solely on belief and faith. 

Faith is more encompassing than any numerical measure or confined by material objects, therefore we move by forces unseen to our physical senses.  It is the history of the mind that unlocks the knowledge inside.  With that each and every one of us has answers and for those who are less in tune with the harmony of the planet, galaxy and or universe, it begs to be more or less evident for each individual within the context of time and space.  The history of one is certainly different for the history of another but in many avenues, like in families and communities, there are definitive commonalities.  We are arrogant to think we are alone or that each identity is a carbon copy of another.   In essence, the result is to accept other possibilities and each other without denial but not necessarily accept blindly either.  It looks like a win-win situation.
Even if some people on the planet think aliens are within our biology, regardless, we are all still mortal.  We will die one day and leave our human shell but the journey while on Earth is really what makes us human.  The morals, ethical compassion, time honored traditions and the love for our fellow men is what separates the barbarism in our very nature of the flesh and blood.  The alignment of the great men of the Enlightenment era was not concerned with extraterrestrials but with the human condition.  The late 17th century had great nations simultaneously using reason for core values of existence within society, which differed from traditional philosophies about purpose.  The Age of Enlightenment created revolutionary thinking concerning politics, sciences and humanity.  Perhaps, we are in a new era once again.  Some spiritualists refer to the Age of Aquarius but again a new name should be proposed. 

Thomas Paine "My own mind is my own church."/"My home is in my head." Bob Marley
Regardless, we are in new territory and if history serves us well, we will be known by our appropriate period in time.  Jokingly, with the onset of the internet and all the iconcepts, perhaps the era of invitation is on the horizon.  Although, no sane person would admit such a thing but the proposal should be introduced as an era of unity, where the world unites in understanding and admitting that we are not alone.  We are in an era of ipseity and we must blend our individual identities into a whole unit as a nation or global citizen, we must stop separating but intermingle with our fellow humans in friendships, relationships and communal diversity.   

The quest in not in fear but in knowledge and truth, however maybe some have not reached the same levels of conscious identity to embrace such knowledge but for our governments to keep citizens out of the loop might be detrimental to our present state.  It is important to understand that with the world wide web we move through time, to eras past and venture to facts and figures that were privatized.  It is time for people to move forward.  One contemporary thinker, Cornell West stated, “Sometimes you have to jump outside of the old school and spend some time in the new. Respect the young folk; but, when you respect you have to correct.”  In the time of conspiracy theories and cover-ups, it’s the responsibility of people to sort through the evidence, move cognitive dissonance to make room for new knowledge and information.  It’s hard work indeed but don’t our children deserve our best efforts?

In regards to the History channel show, Ancient Aliens much of the information has been approached from a historical, archeological, artistic vision and the method of inquiry that reveals more than we were ever taught in school.  In fact, new science is entering our personal thoughts and findings within each and everything we do for today, in the here and now.  We are thinking beings who share alliances with spiritual beings.   For some that is what the journey is all about.  In regards as to why we need to redefine the terminology for space or extraterrestrial entities and beings, lies in Noam Chomsky's statement, "All over the place, from the popular culture to the propaganda system, there is constant pressure to make people feel that they are helpless, that the only role they can have is to ratify decisions and to consume."  Language is key for communication, but the beauty in ideas must be nurtured and preserved for humanity to move forward, as our future is rooted in the past.  

What a long strange trip it’s been even if you don't believe they are out there.  Remember we are just humans beings searching, retrieving and understanding answers.  Social sciences are living sciences, changing and fluxing, like ebb and flow.  The universe also expands and shrinks.  "Man's mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (U.S. Supreme Court, retired at 90 years old) 

"Chariots, Gods & Beyond"

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